Thursday, May 29, 2014

Release Date!!

It has happened!  Stephanie, my publisher at Astraea Press, told me that my first book will be released on July 29th!!! I am excited....and ill!  LOL  It is coming closer...the beginning of this journey as an author.  Writing is the major part of it all and I have been doing that for the last three years.  The other part of writing is the part where you must be a social media expert.  I am a novice at that and I will make some mistakes along the way...I am told everyone does.
One huge step I took today....inviting people to join my street team.  My street team will be a special group and already, based on those who immediately stepped up and volunteered...they are special.  The street team is charged with getting the word out about my books.  Since the first book will be digital, they spread the word throughout their friend networks....via facebook, twitter, instagram, phone calls, emails, you name it.  They ask all their friends to do the same and spread the word through their contacts, etc.  It is a domino effect.  If I have a paperback or hardback book come out....then they would add dropping into the local B & N or bookstore or library and asking them to please carry my books!
In return, my street team gets to know about my latest books before anyone else...they get to read excerpts ahead of everyone there will be swag bags and giveaways along the way.  So it's good to be a part of my street team!!
When I have my cover art...I will unveil it here on my blog first.  Please follow my website if you haven't already and do make comments here if you feel so moved.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Social Whirl

Here I am....still whirling from my spin on the social media merry-go-round.  Being a novice writer, soon to be published, I am still learning all sorts of things about the publishing world.  One of the most confusing and more than a little terrifying...and time the amount of social media avenues one must be aware of and participate in.
Don't get me wrong.  I want to communicate with my readers/friends.  That is how I see those readers who choose to pick up one of my books and actually read it and hopefully, want to read more of my work...not just readers but as new friends.  The type of friends I would give a shout to and say pull up a rocking chair on my shady porch, have a glass of my sweet iced tea, kick off your shoes, and sit a spell....then we would spend hours talking about all sorts of things from family to recipes to world woes to our favorite books and more.  Don't you just love those sort of afternoons and visits with your girlfriends?
Anyway, that's how I see my social media going.  It begins with my blog...which in this case, will serve as my shady front porch with its view of Texas sunsets and nice, brisk west Texas breezes!  There will be a hint of my sweet roses and honeysuckle wafting on the early evening as the sun sinks lower and then later we'll catch the first fireflies...or lightning bugs as I have always called them in the early summer evening as they flit here and there in the growing darkness.

My Facebook is up and ready for you to stop by and hopefully give a LIKE to it before you leave.  I tweet on Twitter also....@debraholtbooks.  If you like one of my tweets, please give it a retweet and even favorite it if you will.  However, this spot will be our comfy "sit and stay a spell" place.  If you stop by, feel free to tell me about yourself...important things...silly things...hopes and dreams....whatever moves you! 

In the meantime....I'll keep writing my latest manuscript.  In the weeks to come, you'll find excerpts  from some of my about-to-be published books and those that are waiting for publishing homes.
Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Rules for Writing

There are rules for writing.  Sometimes too many rules.  Rules depend on who is stating them at any given time.  There are rules that make me see RED....and get me up on my soapbox....such as those dealing with POV.  But that is a topic for another time.
In researching some things about rules for writing, I came across something Raymond Chandler said:  "I have made three rules of writing for myself that are absolutes: Never take advice. Never show or discuss a work in progress. Never answer a critic."
I agree with the second and third one.  I never allow anyone but my critique buddy/line editor to see my work in progress....not even my family.  It is a quirk of mine and proud of it.
Never answer a critic....well, I don't have any of those...YET.  Only because my two books have not made it through the publishing phases yet.  Once they are out, I am certain there will be those people who will expound on things wrong.  I will not waste time on those reviews.  My words are mine.  Read them, enjoy them or not.  They stand.
As for the first one....never take advice.  I can't go with that one hundred per cent.  I have taken advice...gladly...from other writers, my agents, etc.  I listen to what they say....I think it over....I either agree with it and use it to the betterment of myself as a writer....or not.  But I welcome advice. I smile and thank the giver and I either keep the advice or toss it.
One thing is a certainty in this winding, bumpy, pot-holed marred road of writing....I continue to learn and shape my craft.  Looking back at manuscripts I wrote three years ago and comparing to what I know!  So thanks to the advice givers....and those of you who became my teachers along the way.