Friday, February 21, 2014

Acts of kindness....

Writing is a lonely occupation.  We have all heard that and it is very true...for the most part. However, my journey has many helpers along the way.  I would give some advice to novice writers....look to your friends...what talents do you have surrounding you?  I am constantly amazed by those who have stepped up to offer to help out with a website design, or advertising know how, or connections in the community to get the word out about my books.  It is all the more special to me because they volunteered their talents to help me achieve my dream.  So look around you and you may just find that you are not alone on your writing journey.  Never take these wonderful souls for granted!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

When do I get to write?

Okay....trying to stay faithful to this blogging venue.  It has been two very eventful days in this writer's life.  First of all.....PUBLISHER'S MARKETPLACE.  For two years, I have read this every day....envious of all those authors and their books that had been bought by a publisher and soon to be published for the world to read.  February 18th...THE day.  PM listed both of my books on that day on their page.  I have arrived!  LOL  Check off the bucket list.  If I am on that page...must mean I am now an author.  Okay, so my thinking may not make perfect sense to a lot of you, but it does to me...and to those handful of my friends who DO know me and understand perfectly...and love me anyway!

The downside of all this?  I have not had but a handful of time to actually...write!  I have spent hours trying to research and read all I can about social media and how to market my brand and build my reader base.  Of course, my books are not out yet but now is when I have to build the base I have found out.  Sounds good, but how to do it.  I am still trying to find that out.  This will, I fear, be a slow process and those who know me...know that I HATE slow.  I also HATE technology.  So we may be doomed.....

I also want to point out...I believe in giving a hand up to others who are newbie writers so I will share whatever I can to help make it smoother going for you.  This blog is my venue for that.  It is also MY venue to vent, to question, to whine, to laugh, to share....whatever comes into my mind.  That is a scary thing as my friends can tell you.  If something helps you...great.  If this isn't for you...thanks for stopping by and hope you find what you are looking for.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

In the beginning....

In the beginning, there was this novice...would-be writer.  Me.  Two years later, I am still a novice.  I believe I will be that for some time to come.  However, I am learning something new each day.  My journey began two years ago (again). One of these days, I'll explain what I mean by that.  For now, I have opened this blog site for those who want to read my ramblings and hopefully, join in when you feel so moved.  I have two books, both contemporary romances, that are about to be published.  I have an agent...or should I say both agents are working on my behalf and that is super and a learning experience in itself.  This blog is non-judgmental and my own thoughts.  I will try to be faithful to it but if I fall behind, that means I am busy writing on my other books I hope to have published also.  Until then....I keep writing.  I urge you all to do the same....just write!